HMNY2011: Anti-Anti-Imperialism

Discussion of various contemporary struggles with imperialism.

“The Iranian Revolution and the Anti-Imperialist paradigm: fetters of the past, potential for the future” / Arya Zahedi 

“Interwar Authoritarian and Fascist Sources of a Reactionary Ideology: The Cases of Turkish Kemalism and the Bolivian MNR” / Loren Goldner 

“The Problem of Post Colonial Nationalism and Multiculturalism: Speculations on the Recuperation of the Islamic Right” / Biju Mathew 

Discussant: Nagesh Rao



HMNY2011: Creative and/or Insurrectionary Practices

“Break the vicious circle: contemporary art between religion and politics” / Oxana Timofeeva

“The Creative-Destructive Character: Art and Labour in Terms of Communisation” / Marina Vishmidt & Anthony Iles

“How to Dance a Riot: On the Aesthetics of Struggle” / Olive McKeon

“Zones of Insurrection: The Subversive Hegemon, Transgression, Transcendence and the Public Space” / Stuart Smithers  

Discussants : Dara Greenwald and Lindsay Caplan


HMNY2011: Strategy / Movement / Organization (5/8/2011)

*Note: The audio footage for presentations by Alberto Toscano and Matteo Mandarini are unfortunately not included here due to very poor quality recordings.

“Militant Subjects and Organizational Form” / Matteo Mandarini

“Is There Revolution Without Reform? : Of Transitional Programmes and Intransitive Politics” / Alberto Toscano

“Die Organisationsfrage as regulative idea?” / Peter Thomas


Chair / John Boy