HMNY2011: The Meaning of Right Wing Populism

NOTE: The first paper, “The Republican Proletariat: The Suburban Style in American Politics”, given by Christopher Wright was not recorded due to technical difficulties, but he does answer questions in the discussion period.

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tea Party” / Lauren Langman

“What’s Wrong with How We Think about the Right” / Corey Robin 

Discussant: Victor Wallis

Chair: Jesse Goldstein

HMNY2011: Anti-Anti-Imperialism

Discussion of various contemporary struggles with imperialism.

“The Iranian Revolution and the Anti-Imperialist paradigm: fetters of the past, potential for the future” / Arya Zahedi 

“Interwar Authoritarian and Fascist Sources of a Reactionary Ideology: The Cases of Turkish Kemalism and the Bolivian MNR” / Loren Goldner 

“The Problem of Post Colonial Nationalism and Multiculturalism: Speculations on the Recuperation of the Islamic Right” / Biju Mathew 

Discussant: Nagesh Rao



HMNY2011: Management & Dispossession of the Human Surplus

“Accumulation, Excess, and Childhood: Towards a Countertopography of Risk and Waste” / Cindi Katz 

“The Shifting Spatial Requirements of Indigenous Dispossession in Canada: Primitive Accumulaltion in the Political Economy of White Settler Colonialism” /
Shiri Pasternak 

“Land Enclosure, Micro-finance and Witch-hunting in Africa and India today” / Silvia Federici

Discussant: Werner Bonefeld



Chair: Jesse Goldstein